Welcome to Peacock Family Farm!

Preserving the past for the future...

We are a small, family-operated farm offering free-range, hormone-free, large brown eggs and raw, filtered, unpasteurized/non-homogenized cow milk. We also have fresh, naturally-grown seasonal produce as well as meat chickens and rabbits.  We are slowly increasing our product line and availability.

While our processes are not 'certified' organic, we do believe in a sustainable, holistic approach to farm & animal management. Our Barred Rock chickens are free-range, given only layers crumbles and oyster shells for improved shell quality. Our Jersey cows are pasture grazed and are given alfalfa cubes and sweet feed to provide the extra nutrients that dairy cattle need. They are hand milked twice daily and the milk is simply filtered and refrigerated until sold. There is nothing better than the thick, rich cream that rises to the top of the jars!!

We are committed to providing the local community fresh, wholesome products at a competitive price. We are raising our 8 children to learn the value of hard work, fair dealings and long-term interpersonal relationships. Our customers are not simply customers, they become our friends.

Our farm is located just east of Rose Hill, KS (approximately 15 minutes southeast of Wichita). We recently opened an on-farm market stand where we sell fresh, in-season produce and fruit. All sales are done at the farm. We do not sell at any of the local farmer's markets, however we do run a farmer's market at our place on Saturdays from 9am-1pm during the harvest seasons. Seasonal farm tours are available on request.

We look forward to serving you. Please call us for directions to the farm or to check on product availability.

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Don & Charlene Peacock 316-776-2811



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